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The Founder

Krishna Kumar Dubey, the founder & president of Kiran foundation was born in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh on 11 March 1990. Kiran Education and Medical Foundation Trust was a dream of Mrs. Dubey. Being a ray of sunshine herself, she always wanted to develop and nurture a platform that would not only help the poverty stricken people but also empower them to lead a new life of dignity and respect from society. Over a period of time Krishna Kumar Dubey, initiated Kiran education and medical foundation with financial resources from his own family and friends.Since then he has been a strong force to help children & poor people across the country in a multitude of ways. Build on the concrete base of doing good for others, Kiran Education and Medical Foundation Trust is not merely an institution that acts as a platform for doing charity. It is an entire world in itself that tries to empower  the underprivileged ones of our society by providing them with necessary support and resources for their growth and development.

Krishna Kumar Dubey, embraced the character qualities of generosity, compassion, and spirit. His help to children through a multiplicity of outreach projects that seek to touch children who are the ‘poorest of the poor’,are a testament to him as an individual. He motivated, inspired, and bought people, groups and like-minded volunteers together to convert his vision into reality. Krishna Dubey’s life mission is to transform the lives of poor people, helping them to reach their full potential even if they come from the streets and the worst possible economic conditions imaginable. From helping poor people during times of crisis to facilitating medical assistance, Krishna Dubey gives children throughout the world something we all need. He has a vision of helping and providing the poor with all necessary needs in order to live a better life.