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Our Inspiration

Kiran Education and Medical Foundation Trust was a dream of Mrs. Dubey. Being a ray of sunshine herself, she always wanted to develop and nurture a platform that would not only help the poverty stricken people but also empower them to lead a new life of dignity and respect from society.

It’s true that there are many organizations working day in and day out for the underprivileged ones, however in reality hardly will you ever find an organization that makes these needy ones strong and independent enough to take care of their loved ones.

When Kiran Krishna Dubey held this dream in her eyes, all that she wished for was a selfless act of kindness. Her ability to empathize with people and be compassionate towards them makes her a woman of heart and mind.

Birth of Initiative

After understanding this perspective of Mrs.Dubey, Mr.Dubey along with support of his daughter Latisha Krisha Dubey, left no stone unturned to bring this dream into reality. Being just like her mother, Latisha Dubey is also a firm believer of the fact that no act of kindness, however small is ever wasted.

However, Mrs.Dubey could not live to see her dream flourishing under the leadership of Mr.Dubey. As a matter of fact, Kiran Education and Medical Foundation Trust is dedicated to Mrs. Dubey for being the inspiration behind this noble and selfless act.